Beneath the Trees

A dangerous professional choice.

by Mike

Two immense trees tower over parts of the landscape in southeast Bali. In the evening, when it’s cool and beautiful, the trees are visible against the orange sky like temples on the horizon. They can be seen across emerald rice paddies where farmers work late into the evening; they’re visible to the farmers’ kids socializing on the street; they’re visible to duck herders, using long sticks and whooping noises to herd their frantic flock past the kids. All this happens on the road as it bends between rice paddies to the ocean. We set course for the trees. (read more)

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9 Responses to Beneath the Trees

  1. Fred says:

    Do you suppose that the herders have any idea that their feathered friends will be going to the Rose Bowl in January?

    Seriously, what becomes of the ducks?

    • Mike says:

      No, there was no look of smug superiority on the faces of the duck herders :)

      We actually saw a guy wearing a clean, green Oregon shirt here the other day. It was totally strange to see among the sarongs and dirty backpacker shirts.

  2. Susan Goldstein says:

    I herded ducks with long sticks when I was 9 or 10. I hope to see a photo of the tree in the sarong

    • Mike says:

      Hey Mom – I just took photos of the trees today and will upload them soon.

      I didn’t know you herded ducks! Azure would like to hear more about this.

  3. Mike says:

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure the ducks are eaten.

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  5. Kandace says:

    Did you find out what the spiritual meaning was of the checkered fabric wrapped around the trunk?

  6. Kandace says:

    I forgot to say I also loved your phrase…”temples on the horizon”. I’ll have to tell Todd that one. Also Happy New Year to you both in your land of new experiences, Thinking about both of you……

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