Day 1- Day 4

by Azure

Checking the mapMike checking the map day 1

Day One

We took the train from Toulouse to Martel to start our walk. After a LONG lunch, we set off around 3pm for our first walk. After climbing a hill, we made our first offering of salt (salt is the ancient currency for trading of this region, so we are making all spiritual offerings with salt) while overlooking a small settlement of about three houses. We continued on, crossing the Dordogne a little before 5pm at a place called Floirac. In the town, we met a golden lab. It was friendly and started walking with us. At several times, we tried to get it to go home, but it wouldn’t and since it was getting dark, we needed to find a place to put our tent for the night. We hiked up the hill through one of the many oak forests, the dog with us the entire way. At one point there was a clearing that revealed a viewpoint, the first we had seen since leaving the town. We realized that it overlooked the entire valley. We could see and hear everything, even the bells from the church below. The dog, our loyal companion, laid down and so we took it as a sign that we should camp there. We set up camp on the edge of a bluff and ate the bread and cheese we had brought from Toulouse. I laid in the tent listening to the sounds of Mike and the dog playing and enjoying each other’s company. read more

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  1. Mom

    How very cool….and I’m SO glad you found a place to dry out and eat duck again!

  2. Anne Heartsong

    OMG! What an adventure so far. Azure, you are such a TROOPER! I LOVE the ORBS in the first picture. That is faery land for sure. You are being well cared for in realms you may not be able to see. So glad you got a tarp. Last weekend we did our annual event with the homeless down in Pioneer Square. I had brought a very large tarp that we had used for camping before. We used this to put out all the donated clothes so that people could help themselves. Halfway through the event one of the men asked if he could have the tarp. I said of course, but he needed to wait until the end. He waited very patiently and then we helped him fold it up. As he walked away tears streamed down my face to know that the tarp was such a HUGE gift to him and made all the difference between a wet home and a dry home. Keep up the good work my friends and keep posting! Hugs!

  3. amy

    clearly you need frogg toggs — waterproof, windproof, breathable. no doy. try ’em out. if you love ’em, start a frogg togg blogg.


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