Love has a recipe

Stirring, Corsica, France

by Mike

Azure fell in love with a Corsican cheese, a cheese that doesn’t travel well. We were leaving in a couple days and she might never again see or taste the enchanting, goaty brocciu. Azure was sad, so I had to do something.

We asked a young man at the market if he knew a brocciu maker who might teach us to make the cheese. He told us to ask the widows who sit on the steps of the mayor’s office.

We rode our scooter to the mayor’s office and asked the old ladies where to find a brocciu maker. In the next village over, they said, lived a woman who made it for years.

We rode our scooter over the ridge and asked a man where Mme Albertini lived. She was his aunt, in fact, and she lived at the edge of town.

We found the woman, but she no longer made cheese – the process is too intense. Her cousin in the next village over, though, still made it.

We found the village and found his barn and Philippe was inside, milking the goats.

“Please,” we said, “Azure loves brocciu and needs to learn to make it herself.”

He looked at her and smiled: if we returned the next afternoon he would happily teach us everything. The next day, alongside his wife and daughter, he patiently taught us the generations-old recipe.

All we had to do was ask.

This post has been entered into the Grantourismo HomeAway Holiday-Rentals travel blogging competition.

Comments (8)

  1. jif

    ah! for the love of cheese! so sweet of you mike! so did you make it again at home? how did it turn out? lovely post.

    1. Mike (Post author)
  2. Dmarie

    ah, but you will always have the thrill of the chase! thanks for the fun post.

  3. Susan Goldstein

    Now, I HAVE to try this cheese. Will I have to go to Corsica or is it made elsewhere in Italy or France??

  4. Mike (Post author)

    Only Corsica!

  5. lara dunston

    Love this post! You guys are great! That’s the kind of thing I’d do! Apologies for not leaving a comment earlier, but we had such dodgy internet in Kenya, it made doing anything difficult. Judging coming to a close so we’ll post an announcement shortly and also details for November contest. Best of luck!

  6. lara dunston

    Congrats on coming 1st in our October Grantourismo blogging competition! I’ll email you later today to connect you with the prize sponsors. We’ve posted the results here and are tweeting the news now. Please do RT! Congrats again!

  7. Jessica

    Hi! Would you mind posting the recipe for brocciu? I haven’t been able to find a recipe for it anywhere on the internet, and it sounds fantastic. Does it matter if you use sheep’s milk or goat’s milk?



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