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Learning About Abundance From Eagles

Attack position, Yakutat, Alaska
Off with the catch, Yakutat, AlaskaGot it!, Yakutat, Alaska
Pictures from Alaska, monks from Thailand, client from Bellevue, words from my heart.

by Mike

The monks told us not to enjoy our food, so I tried, but it wasn’t so fun.

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Presence in Your Mouth

Wild salad

by Mike

Have you heard of the word, “terroir?” It’s French. Terroir is why champagne can only come from the Champagne region of France. It’s why you can’t call your crappy, molded chicken milk, “Roquefort.”

Terroir is the sum of the environmental conditions in a place. It’s the soil composition, the acidity of rain, the angle of the sun, the height of the hills, local farming techniques and surrounding plant species and all the minute variables that even local farmers might not know. The terroir of the Champagne region can’t be reproduced anywhere else on earth. You want to make champagne? Move to Champagne. But if you’re satisfied making some shitty sparkling wine then you can stay in Fife or wherever you live. Expand!

A Jungle of Force

Corsican market women, Corsica, France
The poor old rich days…

by Mike

There is a mysterious person in traditional Corsican towns, a man or woman kept at the periphery of society because they play a supernatural role in death. At night, this Mazzeri is compelled to sneak into the maquis, the low shrubbery that blankets wild parts of the island, and to hunt down whatever animal comes across their path. The boar or dog meets a violent death – the Mazzeri bludgeons it with a club or a rock, it might strangle the animal or tear its flesh with their teeth. (Read More)

Seattle Area Farmers Markets

The following information is all courtesy of Fresh Picked Seattle. They are responsible for making this beautiful map, so please visit their site!

Saturdays = Blue
Sundays = Green
Tuesdays = Purple
Wednesday = Red
Thursdays = Yellow
Fridays = Aqua
Note: There are also markets in Redmond (Saturday) and Sammamish (Friday) not shown on the map. Click below for details.

Icons with dots are closed for part of the year. Click the marker for specifics.

View the Seattle Farmers Markets in a larger map. (external link)

Listings by day of the week:







[Updated 6/2010]

The Spirit of a Pepper

Cauliflower, France

by Mike

The health of our soils is the health of our bodies. If our soil is poor then our veggies are poor, our animals are poor and we are poor. It’s why people eating a modern diet can be simultaneously fat and malnourished, full and hungry: something significant is missing. Modern, large-scale farming takes nutrients from the land without giving anything back. They try to boost the soil with man-made fertilizers. It’s just a way of cutting corners, though, and it compromises our health. (Read More)

Mexican Tomatoes

That's a cheap avocado!
This too.

by Mike

Joe is Mexican, he lives in Mexico. He grows peppers and cows for a living, selling his veggies and meat to neighbors. Often he’ll trade steaks for other veggies to round out the family’s diet. The family has always made just enough money to get by, enough for food and for the kids’ school.

Unfortunately, Joe was renting his land, and that land was sold to a tomato company that exports its produce. Joe’s going to lose his farm, but they’ll rent another house in town and try to make it work. The company also bought most of the neighbors’ farms, so now anyone who wants to eat has to buy food from a restaurant or store.

Joe tries working at the tomato farm, but the wages are too low, the family finds they can’t make ends meet. Joe decides he’ll follow others’ example and go to the US, leaving his family at home. (Read More)


Herbs from the garden, Seattle, WA

by Mike

There are people who don’t care whether they hurt others. They don’t want to improve themselves. They don’t care about being nor doing good. These posts aren’t for them.

There are others who want to do good and are critical of their own habits and practices. They pay attention to the consequences of their actions. They do the research to make sure that they live and spend cleanly and according to their morals. Even if they aren’t perfect, they’re working on it. To them I say, Keep fighting the good fight. But these posts aren’t for them either. The next few posts about food are for… clicky