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Learning About Abundance From Eagles

Pictures from Alaska, monks from Thailand, client from Bellevue, words from my heart. by Mike The monks told us not to enjoy our food, so I tried, but it wasn’t so fun. (Click to Expand) Before meals the monks pray. … Continue reading

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Presence in Your Mouth

by Mike Have you heard of the word, “terroir?” It’s French. Terroir is why champagne can only come from the Champagne region of France. It’s why you can’t call your crappy, molded chicken milk, “Roquefort.” Terroir is the sum of … Continue reading

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A Jungle of Force

The poor old rich days… by Mike There is a mysterious person in traditional Corsican towns, a man or woman kept at the periphery of society because they play a supernatural role in death. At night, this Mazzeri is compelled … Continue reading

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Seattle Area Farmers Markets

The following information is all courtesy of Fresh Picked Seattle. They are responsible for making this beautiful map, so please visit their site! Saturdays = Blue Sundays = Green Tuesdays = Purple Wednesday = Red Thursdays = Yellow Fridays = … Continue reading

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The Spirit of a Pepper

by Mike The health of our soils is the health of our bodies. If our soil is poor then our veggies are poor, our animals are poor and we are poor. It’s why people eating a modern diet can be … Continue reading

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Mexican Tomatoes

This too. by Mike Joe is Mexican, he lives in Mexico. He grows peppers and cows for a living, selling his veggies and meat to neighbors. Often he’ll trade steaks for other veggies to round out the family’s diet. The … Continue reading

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by Mike There are people who don’t care whether they hurt others. They don’t want to improve themselves. They don’t care about being nor doing good. These posts aren’t for them. There are others who want to do good and … Continue reading

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